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04 January 2011 @ 12:15 am
something always brings me back to you (the fire's here to stay) 

medium: general
subject: rocky relationships
title: something always brings me back to you (the fire's here to stay) 
warnings: none
notes: this is my first fanmix, and i'm incredibly bad with technology, so if there's something that needs fixing, by all means let me know. basically this is a 20 song mix that represents the awkward and ridiculous year and a half long saga i had with the guy i am now dating, who turned out to be worth it in the end :). 


download the entire mix here

body control, leighton meester

i know you see me with my body movin out of control
i know you see me you don't know that i got body control
this beat's electric baby, shockin me right down to my soul
i know you see me i got bo-bo-body control

i am not a robot, marina and the diamonds

can you teach me how to feel real? 
can you turn my power on?
well let the drum beat drop

if you wanna i might, hellogoodbye

if you wanna say i, i, i like you
i might feel just like you
if you choose, choose not to
i knew, knew you would 

little dreams, ellie goulding 

you've got me caught in a place, panic for a minute
got my brain in a daze, i wish you weren't in it
there are so many ways
to lose your attention
you can break everything, but so?  
i can take anything 

campus, vampire weekend

i see you, you're walkin cross the campus
cruel professor, studying romances
how am i supposed to pretend
i never want to see you again? 

ten cent blues, eisley 

and i'm sorry i don't have her face
and i'm probably gonna lose this race
there is no doubt, she's such a mouse
with such an abstract grace 

what are you waiting for?, miranda cosgrove

i never thought anyone ever could
make me feel this way
so make my day
what are you waiting for? 

brown eyes, lady gaga

i guess it's just a silly song about you
and how i lost you
and your brown eyes 

better man, pearl jam 

talkin to herself, there's no one else who needs to know
she tells herself, oh ... 
memories back when she when she was bold and strong
and waiting for the world to come along 
swears she knew it, now she swears he's gone

gotta have you, the weepies

the road gets cold, there's no spring in the middle this year
and i'm a new chicken plucking open hearts and ears
oh, such a prima donna, sorry for myself, but
green it is also summer
and i won't be warm til i'm lying in your arms 

so long, ingrid michaelson

you've made me into someone
who should not hold a loaded gun
and now you sit upon my chest
knock out my wind, knock out my best

suggestions, orelia

so why can't he see it from my point of view?
and how many seconds in the hours of a day did we lose?
was it me or his feelings, me or his feelings that day?
cuz i just stood there in silence, watched my whole world fade away

gravity, sara bareilles

something always takes me back to you
it never takes too long
no matter what i say i'll do
i still feel you here, til the moment i'm gone

if i didn't care, amy adams and lee pace (miss pettigrew lives for a day) 

if i didn't care, would it be the same? 
would my every prayer begin and end with just your name?
and would i be sure that this is love beyond compare? 
would all this be true, if i didn't care for you? 

invent it all again, faded paper figures

iron bridges, melodic chimes
things i did for you back then
all these clocks are only marking time
let's invent it all again

living in your letters, dashboard confessional

poring over photographs
i'm living in your letters
breathe deeply from this envelope
it smells like you, and i can't live
without that scent, it's filling me
with all you mean to me, to me 

the dumbing down of love
, frou frou

and if i tell you
lover alone without love
what will happen?
lover alone without love
will you miss him?
lover alone without, without love

lucky, jason mraz and colbie callait

lucky i'm in love with my best friend
lucky to have been where i have been
lucky to be coming home again

the dog days are over
, glee cast cover of florence and the machine

and i never wanted anything from you
except everything you had
and what was left after that, too, oh

happiness hit her like a bullet in the back
stuck from a great height
by someone who should have known better than that 

little house, amanda seyfried 

you can catch me
don't you run, don't you run
if you live another day
in this happy little house
the fire's here to stay

(end. download the mix here.)

07 July 2009 @ 01:30 pm
Title: Temptation
Author: accioyelchin 
Pairing: Chekov/Sulu
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sulu wishes he could ignore his feelings for a certain young ensign...yeah, it's one of those five times fics, bear with me. Five times Sulu resisted the charm of Chekov and the one time he most certainly did not.
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek.
Warnings: Unbeta'd. FEAR ME.


Chekov swore on Newton’s first law that he could drink everyone on the bridge crew under the tableCollapse )
05 July 2009 @ 10:28 pm


...did it work? 

(WHAT DOES QUIXOTIC MEAN? ... cuz now it's my mood).

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